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Joe has been an athlete since he was a teenager, when he ran track and cross-country. As an adult, he became an avid cyclist and swimmer and weekend tennis player, adding yoga in 2014. As it happens with so many who begin their yoga practice as a physical work-out, Joe’s yoga experience now includes other limbs of yoga in addition to asana.
As a practitioner, he especially enjoys lingering in a pose to explore and experience an asana physically and energetically. His B.S. in Mechanical Engineering has provided him a foundation for approaching asanas with a bio-mechanical perspective grounded in alignment, viewing the physical body as a natural structure. It’s that background that encouraged him to pursue teaching yoga.
As a teacher, he appreciates the opportunity to raise students’ awareness to the varied and deep possibilities available through the many aspects of yoga and a committed practice, encouraging them toward a life that is healthier and more balanced in every way. With his athletic background, students who identify as “athletes” resonate with Joe and his approach to yoga. Joe’s understanding of asanas and engineering provide a foundation for him to serve those who are new to engaging their bodies through movement, stretching, strengthening and increasing balance. A natural teacher, his style is friendly, relatable, and encouraging.

Joe Cassetta
Here's what his students have to say about his classes:

"Joe is extremely knowledgeable, patient, caring and calming. His classes are fun, well-paced and appropriately challenging. A highly recommended teacher in all respects."
Steve W., Palm Springs

"Joe provided a thorough and gentle workout to help my knees. It was challenging in the best way because it pushed me to do more than I would have on my own, but didn’t strain what is a painful joint for me. Plus, he has subtle sense of humor that made me smile during the poses.."
Lisa C., San Jose

"Very fun class. Joe was spot-on in going into child’s pose and knees to chest when my back needed a release. A good all around session. I felt energized at the end of class. I look forward to having him as an instructor again."
Carol H., San Jose

"I thoroughly enjoyed Joe’s class. He put a lot of thought into his class to be able to engage all of us. He communicated well and he has a great sense of humor which made the class not only worth while physically and spiritually, but fun. I am looking forward to his next class."
Judy C., San Jose

"As a former professional dancer and still a dancer at heart, I enjoy the structure of Joe's class. “He has a well organized combination of strength, stretch, and balance asanas, moving fluidly from one pose to the next. His guidance is easy to follow and meditative in tone. Joe’s class benefits both the beginner yogi and the more experienced."
Beverley F., The Sea Ranch
Yoga Pose Exploration

"Joe is very calm and accurate. His teaching is very clear and relaxing. I enjoyed his class and look forward to next one."
M.R., The Sea Ranch
Yoga Pose Exploration

"Joe's teaching is a full, gentle stretch which awakens one’s body and spirit."
Brian H., The Sea Ranch
Yoga Pose Exploration

More about Joe:
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