My Yoga Place Palm Springs Exists to be Your Place for Yoga in Palm Springs!

As told by Cathy, owner/teacher, with help from Joe

Many, many people in our Palm Springs community and visitors to our area have known the space that My Yoga Place Palm Springs now inhabits as the lovely location of the former studio Peace Love Yoga (PLY). When PLY’s owner Chuck Burks decided in May 2020 to close shop, I knew I wanted to maintain that space at 1572 S. Palm Canyon as a place to practice yoga for everyone in the community and to continue to give teachers the opportunity to share their love and knowledge of yoga with others. So, with incredible support and assistance from my husband Joe, I took a huge leap of faith, created a new business, and signed a lease for the space, hoping to open in July 2020 – yes, I am an optimist!

Back in May 2020, when I made the commitment to maintain this lovely space for the community to practice yoga, I never imagined we’d still be dealing with the impact of the virus for so long. I knew that I had to come up with a way to maintain that connection with our yoga community. What I came up with was offering classes live online as our alternative to in-person classes, so in September 2020 our Zoom classes were born. It’s been fun and has shown to be a fabulous way to stay connected with people. Through our Zoom classes, we’ve created a new yoga community. Our Zoom teachers teach from throughout California and Colorado. Our online students join us from various parts of the West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast.

It is deeply important to me to provide movement options that meet the needs and interests of present and future students. So the Zoom classes we offer include
Defying Gravity: Yoga for Healthy Aging; Tap Dance for Yogis; Chair Yoga: Take A Seat!; and Breath Awareness; along with more traditional classes like Gentle Flow, Iyengar Yoga, and Intermediate Vinyasa classes.

When Riverside County moved to the red tier in March 2021, we were finally able to open our physical studio for in-person classes. I’m so glad and grateful to have former PLY teachers Karol Trejo, Martha Richmond, and Margaret Wilcox, teaching a variety of classes and styles, including Gentle Yoga; Vin/YIN Yoga; and Restorative Yoga, among others, including offering Private Yoga for individuals or groups at your location or the studio! My Yoga Place Palms Springs has now evolved into being two studios -- one online, and one in person!

I have a deep passion and commitment to show my Baby Boomer peers that aging is a gift that we can learn to unwrap and enjoy. I also want to share with people of all ages the health and wellness that is available to us through yoga and other movement experiences, which is why I created our Lifestyle Yoga Workshops. We will continue to innovate and offer traditional and out-of-the-ordinary classes that can truly provide people a variety of movement experience options.

To hear Joe tell it, “Innovation is something that comes naturally to Cathy. In 2020/2021 she founded The Tabard Theatre Company in San Jose, California, a public benefit arts organization that continues to thrive in Silicon Valley. She retired from Tabard as Executive Artistic Director in June 2020 but began writing the next chapter of her life quite a few years ago by becoming a certified yoga teacher with now over 800 hours of training. Although she, herself, specializes in yoga for older bodies, she is also certified to teach aerial yoga. Her creativity permeates her own classes and is reflected in her choices of yoga styles to present online and in the studio. An example of that is Tap Dance for Yogis taught online by Dottie Lester-White, choreographer, Broadway veteran and a long-time friend of Cathy’s. Cathy enjoys giving people opportunities to move! And we’re hoping to add aerial yoga to the physical space in the fall (2021). Stay tuned!”

I remain deeply grateful to our Zoom community of students and teachers. There is a special joy, though, to welcome students to our physical space and see their faces light up – well, their eyes because we all have had masks on – when they return to this lovely space. A former Peace Love Yoga student shared with me that her eyes filled with tears when she returned to our physical space to practice yoga after an absence of more than a year. I knew what she was feeling. It’s one of the reasons that motivated me to maintain the physical space for yoga. There is something wonderfully magical to be able to look through the front window and see that majestic mountain, then look the other way and see swaying palm trees, while practicing mindful movement. There’s a special feeling of peace, calm, and contentment in the place. My goal was to keep the place the same, to retain that comfortable familiarity, so I have kept everything as it was. I want every student, even on their first-ever visit, and every teacher to walk in and have the feeling, “I am home.”

Truly, my goal has always been to make that space a place that everyone embraces as their own, a place about which they say,

“My Yoga Place Palm Springs. I am home.”