Defying Gravity: Yoga for Healthy Aging
Mondays & Fridays
9:30am - 10:45am
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Class Description
This class is appropriate for all ages and abilities.
Defying Gravity: Yoga for Healthy Aging: Live long and be happy, healthy and strong with a regular yoga practice!
Over the years, gravity weighs on our bodies. We tend to lose height, muscle tone, and the spring in our step. In this class we learn to defy gravity through yoga movements that return strength, flexibility, balance and bounce to our bodies for stronger bones, straighter spine, taller posture, and sturdier footing. Every class will include movements to increase flexibility, mobility, strength and balance head to toe by working and releasing the fascia. Using science-based results, information in this class will include what not to do in a yoga class if you’re over 50 and what you can do to keep yourself healthy and independent. Folks under 50 are certainly welcome to join us. No time like the present to plan and practice for a healthy future!

Props: Yoga mat!

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