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You know the song from Fiddler on the Roof, “Tradition! Tradition!”?
That melody rings through my head with the word “Transition” instead! Why, you may ask.
Here at My Yoga Place Palm Springs we are going through transition.
Transition is a form of change.
Change is a sign of new beginnings.

As modern-day American writer Robbie Shell has written,
On July 1st, the beautiful physical space we currently know as My Yoga Place Palm Springs will transition into The Sukha Life, soundbath and wellbeing studio, including yoga, if everything proceeds as currently planned.
My Yoga Place Palm Springs will continue to offer classes online and at various locations throughout the Palm Springs area. This transition of the studio space from one owner, one business to another owner and business provides many wonderful opportunities for discovery! And that is exciting!
The owner founder of The Sukha Life is the amazing, creative, and attuned Lisa Botts, whom many of you know as she currently teaches Kundalini yoga at the studio on Saturdays. Lisa is a certified sound therapist, KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Usui reiki master, and Emotional Liberation coach. Leaning on her marketing degree and 23 years in education, sales and business development at the corporate level, she has built a thriving wellness business in the Coachella Valley and hi-desert regions and regularly leads soothing soundbaths at the Mizell Center, Drift Hotel and Sunnylands.
What does this mean for you?
Most importantly, it means that our beautiful and serene studio will remain available as a place for health and wellness but with a new business in place. You will also have the opportunity to discover new offerings to explore on your self-care journey.
Since My Yoga Place Palm Springs will no longer be offering classes in a physical studio that we manage, class packs for in-studio classes with My Yoga Place Palm Springs will expire June 30, 2023 at the end of our lease. Any balances left on the class packs may be applied to any online classes offered through My Yoga Place Palm Springs and private in-person yoga sessions with Cathy for one or more people at your place in Palm Springs or online via Zoom. Class packs are not transferable to The Sukha Life because The Sukha Life is a completely different business with a different owner than My Yoga Place Palm Springs.
The current in-studio schedule will remain in effect until Friday, June 30, the last day of our lease and the last day class packs may be used for an in-studio class through My Yoga Place Palm Springs. July 1 the space becomes The Sukha Life, possibly with the same schedule. Many things are in the process of taking shape. Transition takes time. In advance, Lisa and I thank you for your patience as this transition morphs from one entity to another.
I remain deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to care for the studio space and make it available to our community for yoga these past three years. I’m grateful to Randy and Chuck for the space they created as Peace Love Yoga and for having had the opportunity to continue to make the space available as My Yoga Place Palm Springs. The experience has provided me with many friends I may not have otherwise met as well as opportunities I may not have been offered. Aside from owning a business through the pandemic and all that is related to that, Joe and I are blessed beyond measure and far better for having been the caretakers of this studio space these past three years. I am glad and grateful that the space will now experience a transition and remain among us as a place for health and wellness as The Sukha Life.
If you would like to connect with Lisa, you may reach her via email at
If you’d like to learn a bit more about Lisa, you’re welcome to check out her page on our website:
On her own website:
On Instagram: @thesukhalife.
She’s an amazing person. I’m grateful to have her in my life as a friend and deeply grateful that she is the one to become the caretaker of the space we’ve all come to love and appreciate. If you have not already met Lisa, you have a wonderful experience awaiting you when you do.
With gratitude for your having been part of My Yoga Place Palm Springs,
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