Yoga Pose Exploration
w/Jeff Paynton

8:15am - 9:45am
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Class Description
Yoga Pose Exploration is a weekly class for intermediate and advanced yogis during which a handful of different poses will be presented, explored and experienced each week with guidance and individual instruction. This will be a very active practice that will include Sun Salutations and may often feel like a workshop as we break down, talk through, and work through many poses that are not typically practiced in a Gentle Yoga or Gentle Flow class. The plan would be to start from the beginning and work through all poses in a sequential manner, building from simplicity to complexity, from foundations to complex forms. This would be a class where you can challenge yourself in strength, stamina, and balance, as you continue to lengthen your tissues and increase mobility and flexibility in your joints. As always, individual limitations will be considered and options provided.

Props: This class is taught IN-STUDIO. Foam blocks, straps, and blankets are available.
Studio Guidelines
► Studio props, including mats, are available for student use at no additional charge. Local students are encouraged to bring their own mats.
► No walk-in opportunities are currently available. All class registrations must be done online via website (please note the registration cut-off for each class).
► All students must register online at least 2 hours prior to each class’ start time.
► If you are purchasing a second reservation for someone else, please use that person’s name when registering and reserving mat space. That person will also need to read and agree to the Student Liability Waiver.
► Only seventeen (17) spaces are available for this class.
► Following current mandates by the City of Palm Springs, masks are no longer required to be worn by everyone in the studio. You are welcome to wear a mask if you would like.
Where do I park?
► Entrance to the studio is from the parking lot.
► Entrance to the parking lot is from side street (E Avenida Olancha).
Parking map
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You must register online at least 2 hours prior to class start time.