The City of Palm Springs currently requires face coverings (masks) to be worn indoors in public settings regardless of vaccination status.
Therefore, masks are now required to be worn by everyone in the studio.
Yoga for Bone Health

2:00pm - 3:15pm
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Class Description
No prior yoga experience is required.
Did you know that low bone density is now being found in infants? No longer an “older person’s disease,” this silent condition can lead to fractures in people of all ages. The most common sites of fracture due to weak bones/low density are spine (vertebrae), hip, femur (thigh bone), wrist and ribs. Low bone density can also result in loss of height greater than is typical as a person ages.

Scientific research has shown that yoga is effective in preventing low bone density (osteopenia and osteoporosis) as well as re-building bones that are already osteoporotic and can also help to retain bone density, preventing low bone density from occurring.

In this class, we will be practicing the same poses you’re familiar with but we will do them in a scientifically proven approach that is specific to building bone strength. This class, which is appropriate for all levels, will provide you tools and information that you can apply to your everyday life.

Props: This class is taught IN-STUDIO. If you are local, you are encouraged to bring your own mat. If you are visiting, mats are available at no additional charge. Other props that may be used in the class are available at no additional cost. Please bring your own water.

Studio Guidelines
► Studio props, including mats, are available for student use at no additional charge. Local students are encouraged to bring their own mats.
► No walk-in opportunities are currently available. All class registrations must be done online via website (please note the registration cut-off for each class).
► All students must register online at least 2 hours prior to each class’ start time.
► If you are purchasing a second reservation for someone else, please use that person’s name when registering and reserving mat space.
     That person will also need to read and agree to the Student Liability Waiver.
► Only seventeen (17) spaces are available for this class.
► Per current City of Palm Springs requirements, masks are to be worn by everyone in the studio regardless of vaccination status.
► If you do not have a mask, please ask the teacher for one, which will be provided to you at no cost.
     Thank you for keeping everyone safe!

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