My Yoga Place Palm Springs:
Our Teachers
Meet the talented, dedicated teachers of My Yoga Place Palm Springs!
Sharing a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom, their classes are firmly rooted in traditional yoga practices. Their offerings include Chair Yoga; Vinyasa Flow; Beginning Yoga; Iyengar; Mindful Meditation; Yin Yoga; Restorative and Tap for Yogis, to name a few. While their teaching styles differ, they share one thing in common: Their dedication to making your yoga practice an uplifting experience, both in the studio and online.

Cathy Cassetta, Owner

Emily McConnell

Margaret Wilcox

Lisa Konie

Jill Nussinow

Courtney Krisnamurty

Martha Richmond

Katrina Lambert

Roberta Tewes

Dottie Lester-White

Karol Trejo