Roberta Tewes

“At 40 I started my relationship with yoga taught by Jane Simmonds, an experienced certified teacher who introduced me to the teachings of Mr. Iyengar, a renown yogi from India and his first book, Light on Yoga. After studying with Jane for about 3 years, she recommended that I teach and with, her help, I began to pass on what I learned from her, Mr. Iyengar and my own practice. I taught for many years.
“In 2010 having an opportunity to live in San Francisco, I enrolled in the teacher training course at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco. This two-year course with a faculty of experienced yoga teachers enriched my practice and completely changed my teaching. I graduated in 2012, became a certified Iyengar teacher in 2015, and have been teaching since at Sutras Yoga Studio in Anchor Bay, CA, a small town on the Mendocino coast. I appreciate the opportunity to teach the wonderful people that come to my class through which we have developed a yoga community. Via Zoom, I enjoy seeing my regular students as well as meeting new yoga students from near and far.
“In addition to yoga, the other important passion in my life is painting. I am represented by Stewart Kummer, a local gallery in the Anchor Bay area through which I have participated in many art shows.”
Roberta is available for private group instruction.

Roberta Tewes
Here's what her students have to say about her classes:

"Roberta is a knowledgeable, accessible, and fun teacher. She provides detailed instructions and demonstrations and recommends modifications when needed. I recommend her class to anyone wishing to try Iyengar yoga or to experienced students looking for a great online Iyengar class. "
Susan H., North Bay
Iyengar Yoga for Posture, Alignment & Well-Being

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