Margaret Wilcox
Kahuna ™ARCH Master; Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master
™Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

Margaret Wilcox began studying spirituality, meditation and ritual in her early 20’s, beginning a serious Kundalini Yoga practice in 1999. After the birth of her first daughter in 2000, she moved to New Orleans. There, she discovered  ™TriYoga. “™TriYoga is a unique combination of asana (posture), pranayama (breathwork) and mudra (hand and/or finger gestures used to affect energy in the body) that allow students to enhance strength, flexibility, endurance and alignment,” Margaret explains. “When your body is in harmony with your breath and mudra, the inner flow of prana (life force) is more fully experienced.” ™TriYoga was founded by renowned yogini Kaliji (Kali Ray), and is taught in ™TriYoga centers and communities throughout the world.
Experience in the practice of yoga is not all Margaret brings to My Yoga Place Palm Springs. A certified Kahuna ™ARCH Master, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master and certified ™Karuna Reiki Master Teacher (International Center for Reiki Training), Margaret regularly graces our studio with classes and workshops in the Art of Reiki Healing, Developing your Intuitive Gifts and Understanding the Chakras (energy centers in the body). She generously employs her natural gifts as an Intuitive, Healer and Energy Worker as well as decades of acquired wisdom and knowledge, in every class she teaches, encouraging students to slow down and fully experience each aspect of their practice and their lives.
You can immerse yourself in the wisdom of this multi-faceted teacher at one of her weekly classes here at the studio; at a workshop; or by visiting her website,
Margaret is available for private Energy Treatments (Reiki; Quantum Touch; ™ARCH and Crystals); Gemstone Therapy; Herbal Remedy Consultation; Space Clearing (Feng Shui); Spiritual Counseling, and more. Visit her website for details.

Margaret Wilcox
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