Lisa Konie

As an attorney, Lisa learned early on that an outlet to release stress was critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and was essential to sustainability within the chaos of Silicon Valley. She was introduced to yoga over 15 years ago as a means for managing stress. Although initially an intermittent practitioner, in 2015, yoga really “found” Lisa. She embarked on a 60-day challenge to practice yoga each and every day and those 60 days morphed into 120 days, 240 days and beyond. Lisa completed her training through the Joy of Yoga program and has been teaching since 2016. Her teaching style includes humor, alignment, safety with the intent to leverage poses to get into the body, as opposed to just using one’s body to get into a pose.
You will find Lisa teaching Restorative, Yin, and Hatha-style classes that move with the breath. Outside of yoga, Lisa loves to read, walk dogs and is committed to wildlife rehabilitation and specializes in hummingbirds.
Lisa is available for private group instruction.
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