Jeff Paynton

Accomplished performer, master teacher, professional writer, and director with millions of worldwide views, Jeff Paynton was struck down in the height of a prolific career by an idiopathic neurological disorder with systemic failures and permanent nerve damage diagnosed in 2017. Drawing upon a relentless artistic spirit, Eastern medicine, Western intervention, and the foundational wisdom contained within the 8 Limb Yoga Path, Jeff, also known as @GoodEarthYoga, celebrates a uniquely motivational journey, that forges ancient healing practices with contemporary wellness advantages.
With each class offered, Jeff's unique and empowering approach helps fortify a collective calm to productively deal with some of the problems most commonly faced in today's modern society. Challenges that can prevent joy, induce stress and contribute to unnecessary suffering amidst our daily lives. Whether connecting through studio classes, private and online instruction, international masterclasses, facilitated lectures, hosted workshops, or coaching emerging yogis through teacher training, Jeff greatly enjoys guiding yoga students of all levels, and teachers of yoga, to reach their greatest inspired potential.
No matter where you are in life at this time of your career, health goals, or personal patterns of wellness, Jeff "GoodEarthYoga" Paynton continually promotes that through learning from each other, together, we can transform our greatest obstacles into our most productive advantages. Namaste, and he very much looks forward to sharing practice with you soon!
Jeff Paynton is available for private group instruction.

Jeff Paynton
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