Gentle Yoga for Mobility, Strength & Balance

10:00am - 11:15am
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Class Description
Great for seniors, newbies and recovery.
Gentle Yoga for Mobility, Strength & Balance
You know when your body wants to move but maybe you just don’t have it in you? Or maybe moving gently from pose to pose is the perfect antidote to your day? Gentle yoga is a soothing blend of asanas (poses) that are gentle on the body and relaxing to the mind and the spirit. This class provides the opportunity to explore and experience strength, flexibility, and mobility through poses linked with breath done in a slower format. Gentle Yoga will leave you refreshed, energized yet peacefully calm. This class is appropriate for all levels.Props: 4 blankets or beach towels, 2 yoga blocks. This class is appropriate for all ages and abilities.
Two yoga blocks; a belt or strap 6-ft to 8-ft in length (the longer the better!); a blanket or beach towel; and a yoga mat.

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