Dee is an accomplished creative leader in design, art, strategic visual communication, and a certified yoga instructor. She has been practicing yoga for over a decade. In 2020 she completed a KRI Yoga Instructor Certification studying Kundalini Yoga under Dr. Sat-Kaur Khalsa and Guru Meher Khalsa. In 2021, Dee completed a 200-Hour Yoga Instructor Certificate of Proficiency, Hatha/Vinyasa at MiraCosta College. Currently Dee is enrolled in a 300-Hour Yoga Instructor program at MiraCosta College, class of Prof. Stacy McCarthy and Dr. Doris Lu-Anderson. Dee practices Vipassana meditation among other techniques and completed three 10-day Courses in S. N. Goenka tradition (2015, 2020, 2022).
“Early on I was interested in spiritual practices and introspection. Along the way, through personal experience and emotional struggles I realized that a practice of a yogic lifestyle leads to emotional intelligence, balanced mind, fulfillment, and happiness. The Universe is in a constant state of change, where there is an inhale, there is an exhale, creation and destruction are simultaneous and continuous. Both art and yoga teach us to be present, to accept our personal Truth, to pay attention to the subtleties, to forever continue on the path of self-discovery, and to know when it is the time to stop and let go. I am very grateful that I've been given an opportunity to explore life through Art and Yoga and I am happy to share with you what I've learned along the way. Become agile physically and emotionally. Develop on a path of forgiveness, self-love, and creativity with the powerful tools of Yoga”.

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