Welcome to YOUR yoga studio!

I'm excited to welcome you to My Yoga Place Palm Springs. If you're getting a strong sense of déjà vu, there's a reason for that. Our new studio is blessed to be able to open in the exact same location you know and love! For over six years, this space was home to Peace Love Yoga Palm Springs!

Here's how all of this came to be: With the spectre of COVID-19 looming, many yoga studios temporarily closed in compliance with federal, state and local recommendations to ensure the safety of students and teachers. Studio owners and teachers alike led the charge, shifting to online classes via YouTube, Zoom and other digital methods. Happily, many businesses have been given the go-ahead to reopen with new safety protocols.

Chuck Burks (ower of PLY-PS) and I had been in close contact for many months prior, making plans for a change in studio ownership. Well, we all know what happens when you make plans! If there's one thing my experience as a yoga teacher has taught me, it's to remain firmly in the present moment and to take things as they come. Ultimately, we agreed that Chuck would retain the Peace Love Yoga Palm Springs name, expanding the brand away from a physical studio location into online classes and private teachings. That opened the door, and My Yoga Place Palm Springs was born. While many things will be familiar as you walk through the doors, a few things have changed.

Over the years, this space has truly become "yours" -- your energy, your love and light can be felt in every inch of the studio. Knowing this, feeling it, I wanted it to be reflected in the new name: My Yoga Place. It is, and always will be, YOUR space. A place where you come to restore yourself in body and in spirit. I promise you that won't ever change.

A few new things you'll need to know. Our first priority is your SAFETY. We've put recommended social distancing and sanitization protocols in place in the studio. We'll be providing you with a more intimate yoga experience, meaning each class will be limited to 6 +1 students. Mats are arranged in the studio with recommended space between them, and you'll have the opportunity to reserve the space you want for in each class.
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