Achalan Andrej Zervan

Yoga became an essential part of my life in my late thirties. I was 65 pounds overweight with high blood pressure, symptoms of diabetes and chronic pain from Fibromyalgia as well as suffering from anxiety and depression. I was barely able to tie my shoes. I kept looking for answers from western doctors and holistic practitioners. When I turned forty i could not do it anymore, spending half my days in bed, depressed and hopeless. At the suggestion of a dear friend, I attended a retreat for restorative yoga and meditation in Tassajara, Carmel Valley, California.

Immediately, I knew there was hope. From there I started taking chair yoga classes in my home town of San Francisco at the Integral Yoga Institute. The results were nothing short of miraculous and became my inspiration for becoming a Therapeutic Yoga Instructor focusing on Adaptive yoga for people unable to enjoy the yoga offered in traditional studios. For more than two decades, I have learned to successfully tailor my lessons to meet the needs of individual clients focusing on their physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns by building their strength, their confidence, and expanding their knowledge; giving them the tools to live a life that allows them to practice mindful, physical, and spiritual activities of their choosing to bring joy to their lives and those fortunate enough to share it with them.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Communications, San Francisco State University, 1998
  • 200 RYT - Integral Yoga Institue, San Francisco (2012)
  • Therapeutic Yoga Certification - with Cheri Clampett, of Santa Barbara‚Äôs White Lotus Foundation
  • Yoga For Arthritis Cert. with Stephany Moonaz PhD, of John Hopkins University
  • Adaptive Yoga Cert. at Integral Yoga Institute, Yogaville, VA
  • Stress Management at Integral Yoga Institute. Yogaville, VA
  • Also attended retreats and workshops for Yoga for Trauma and PTSD with Richard Miller, Sausalito, CA
  • 1995 - 2004 as a Certified Personal Trainer, working predominantly with people with special needs.
  • 2004-2013: Self-employed event/asset manager
  • 2013-present: Yoga Therapy Instructor and owner with locations in Palm Springs, San Francisco and Shreveport, LA. - Successfully working with clients who experience challenging chronic conditions (pain management, spinal conditions, lung disease, heart disease, nervous system disorders, fibromyalgia, diabetes and all that comes with aging - bringing back their confidence, strength, sense of ease and safety and peace of mind - yes! all that and whatever the details of their particular conditions are.
  • Integral Yoga Teachers Association
  • Ambassador for Accessible Yoga Organization
  • International Association of Yoga Therapists
Achalan Andrej Zervan is available for private group instruction.

Achalan Andrej Zervan
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